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Welcome to the website of the Russian Anjoman!


Anjoman is a community of people that adhere to the moral teaching of Ahura Mazda given through the prophet Ashoo Zarathushtra more than 3700 years ago.

Our religion has several different traditional names: «Mazda Yasna» – Honoring of Wisdom, «Din-e Behi» – Good Religion, «Din Zartoshti» – Religion of Zartosht. Often our religion is called Zoroastrianism, and its followers – Zoroastrians.


The Russian Anjoman is in religious unity and canonical communication with the Zoroastrian Priests Association of Iran  (Anjoman-e Moghan Iran - انجمن مغان ایران) , the highest authority among the world Zoroastrian community.

  • We believe in the Oneness of Creator – Ahura Mazda – the life giving
    wisdom, the creator of life and wisdom, whose essence is light and goodness.
  • We believe in the first and only prophet Ashoo Zarathushtra and the revelation
    granted to him by Ahura Mazda.
  • We believe in the existence of both spiritual and material worlds.
  • We believe in ASHA (righteousness and order), that is the Law of the existence.
  • We believe in the essence of human beings and humanity: daena (conscience), mana (spirit, mind) and farvahar (spiritual protector) that allow them make their choise between Good and Evil.
  • We believe in Ameshaspands (Beneficent Immortals), the seven divine steps/stages of evolution.
  • We believe in “dâd o dahesh”/ donation/contribution and helping the needy. 
  • We believe in the sanctity of earth, wind, water and fire, plants and animals and in necessity of the environmental protection.
  • We believe in “Frashkard” (constant rejuvenation) of the world.
    Frashkard means “positivism” and find always new ways in life to reach
    the common humane objectives, destroy evil and fulfill people's desire of happiness and joy.

We are certain: the truths spoken by Ashoo Zarathushtra have always been correct, while during our time they have become necessary for the world. We are glad to see both adherents of our religion and those people who seek to know more about Good Faith. Good Faith is open to all kind people who are ready to accept it and adhere to it according to its traditions.


Contacts: anjoman@blagoverie.org

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