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Послание мобеда Камрана Джамшиди в Россию.

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СообщениеДобавлено: Чт Апр 30, 2015 2:14 am    Заголовок сообщения: Послание мобеда Камрана Джамшиди в Россию. Ответить с цитатой

Foundations of Mazda Yasna as I understand it:


The Zoroastrian religion, ancient and historic but not old or outdated, is a religious philosophy. It offers a means of good living based on a set of ethical principles and
moral standards. It reflects the sublime thinking and enlightened outlook of a highly
learned man named Ashu (1) Zarathushtra, born in the Iranian highlands of the Spantaman Aryan family. His teachings of wisdom, affection, friendship, real internal
happiness, honesty and righteousness, i.e. “the good wisdom and insight”, bear the global messages of progress and good fortune for the entire world. Zarathustra's message does not address or mention a specific race, ethnicity or nationality. The messages are universal. The message of Gathas is that everyone shall seek to raise her knowledge and attain insight.

The Gathas is the name of the thought provoking songs of Ashu Zarathushtra, and the foundation of the Zoroastrian religion. He has referred to his doctrine as “Mantras” i.e. “thought provoking”. Although other texts reflecting later thoughts, practices, traditions and customs have
been compiled in the Avesta, the Gathas are the precious jewel of the Avesta. The Gathas are accepted as the only words proclaimed by Ashu Zarathushtra himself.

The Iranian/avestic “Daena” refers to human being’s inner powers to discern right from wrong. It implies a profound insight for observing far and deep. Daena, according to ancient Iranian culture, applies “awareness of the profound essence”. This awareness gets different shapes (colors, tastes, smell …) along time and life’s experiences. Everyone has her own “religion” which turns its owner to a beautiful (colorful, good tasting-smelling…) human being or vice versa. Doubtlessly, everyone gets back appropriate reflections from the surrounding world for how one acts and behaves as we live in an orderly world there cause-effect is one of its
profound rules. Thus the better and more beautiful we are then a better and more beautiful world we get back.
This is the real meaning of the right and good choice; this is to be responsible. Religion has to ever be young and modern, generating and expanding goodness and

DINE BEHI (good religion) –BEHDIN (one with good religion)
Behdin, is one who masters a good insight (has Vohumana). Avesta calls adherents to Ashu Zarathushtra by this name. Thus Behdins have the responsibility to work for the
betterment of life on earth. Dine Behi is a religion of choice and not any kind of submission. Everyone is free to
choose her religion/ the way of life according to her own wisdom/ discernment. (Gathas-H?t 31 verse 12)

“The Iranian God” is the procedure of affection and/or unification with everything in the world, including human beings. Mazda Ahura applies to the essence of profound balance and harmonization in human beings, thus inside and not outside her. The fundamental nature of Mazda Ahura is
“ pure song” which is nestled inside and in the middle of all the life forms. One gets to know “God” when one harmonizes all her inner powers. This is why Zarathushtra calls the “end of the road” as “Garo Dem?na” i.e. “the abode of songs” (for the righteous ones) as it has been the beginning too.

Dine Behi is a “self renovating” religion. Its ever progression and harmonization with the ever changing world, makes it ever fresh and modern. The modernization of thought, words and deeds should include the “traditions” and “rituals” too. "We wish to be amongst those who promote the world to progress and development and lead man to achieve righteousness and purity." (The Gathas 30-9)

the ESSENCE and SYMBOL of PROGRESS and RENEWAL. The PURPOSE of LIFE- USHTA. The purpose/goal of life is to manifest your essence in the world, which represents
God’s manifestation! This manifestation, which is in accordance with your higher self brings you USHTA or the inner-radiant satisfaction/happiness.That means an ever growing fulfillment.

Gathas (H?t 44-6) says: “God created this happy bringing world and generated tranquility and peace through her pure Vohumana and affection/love and also she created
happiness for people. “Therefore Zarathushtra’s adherents have chosen to live a happy life. In this “religion”,
celebrating is in accordance with the essence of creation, which is the best way of praying!
This worldview and way of life, gives strength of body and spirit to human beings and inspire them to have an active but purposeful life, helping them to reach their higher
self and develop an long-lasting happiness on the earth.
The foundation of worldwide happiness is summarized in the following Hymn of The Gathas: Happiness belongs to the one who brings happiness to others." (The Gathas 43-1)

There is only one world, in which everything is intertwined together and united. Mazda Ahura is the symbol/manifestation of this unification through insight and affection.

There exist two “manyu” inside every essential seed of the existence which are twins and act-react or attract-distract each other, which generates a new manyu, which
contains another twin manyus! This is the foundation of creation/generation.

The word 'ASHA in the vision of Zarathushtra means the world order. ASHA is based on logical organization of physical laws that govern the entire creation in our universe. As such there are no superstitions in Zoroastrianism. It should be noted that interfering with this orderly system yields undesirable consequences damaging the quality of life. A good example in our time is environmental pollution. Fortunately nowadays, scientists and researchers with their advances in science and technology have discovered some laws of Asha and know how to protect man from the catastrophes of man-made events resulting in mental and material losses to the living world."Ahura Mazda, May we get closer to you by following the rules of Asha and discover the values of our body and soul." (The Gathas 28-2)

Mankind has been endowed with the freedom of thought, word and deed, and has a bright mind to discern between what is good and what is bad for human society. No one
has the right to take away this freedom from anyone.

Mankind is its own savior. Each person is responsible for his/her thoughts, words and deeds. There is no outside evil force or spirit to mislead humanity to evil thoughts,
words and deeds. Guided by a discerning "good mind" and "good conscience," he/she should responsibly and selflessly work for the betterment of self and fellow human beings and the living world. (Songs 3 & 10)

If a person does not choose correctly, his world continues to be chaotic, and he suffers
the consequences until he adopts these divine principles. Sooner or later humanity will
correct itself and attain perfection and eternal life. (Songs 8.5, 17.6,8,9) (Song 10.7)

In the Zoroastrian religion, one must resist evildoers and abusers of power. First, an
attempt should be made to approach the abuser(s) with kindness and friendship and
direct him to the right path. Otherwise, resistance and fighting the evil is the next course
of action, to achieve truth and eradicate lies.
"To promote truth and righteousness one must resist lies and liars." (The Gathas

In The Gathas killing animals and protection of useful elements of life has been pointed
out. Keeping the environment clean is one's religious duty. The major elements of life,
namely, Air, Water, Earth and Fire must be kept clean at all times.

In Ashu Zarathushtra's vision, one draws his own destiny by his thoughts, words, and
deeds. Men and women do have the freedom of choice, but the consequences of their
actions are the logical results of their choices. This is part of ASHA and is governed
based on the physical laws of action and reaction.
"Good luck and bad luck are the making of one's deeds respectively." (The Gathas

The religion of Good Conscience, the Gathic name for the Zarathushtrian religion, is
universal and for all. Caste, color, race, and nationality do not play any discriminatory
part in the universal message of Zarathushtra.

The Zoroastrian religion considers all men and women equal regardless of creed,
ethnicity, race, nationality, religious persuasion, political views, etc. Superior is only
the one who follows the path of "GOOD THOUGHTS, GOOD WORDS, and GOOD
DEEDS." In Zarathushtra's message one sees that happiness, salvation, and good
fortunes have been the desire and the focal points for all peoples of the world regardless
of their backgrounds.
The first Declaration of Human Rights in world's history issued by Cyrus The Great, a
Zoroastrian king of Achaemenian Dynasty in 538 B.C. roughly 2500 years ago was
based on the teachings of Ashu Zarathushtra concerning the equality of men.
"God has created man free" (The Gathas 31-11)
In the Zoroastrian religion, the value of human status is considered to be equal with
Ahura Mazda's rank, provided men and women promote righteousness, goodness and
betterment of life. In this belief system, the world is a sacred place and life is a gift of
God. Therefore, it is absolutely worthy of protection and preservation to keep life intact
and in good faith. The burning torch of life is to be passed on to the next generations,
brighter and more brilliant than before.
"The ultimate goal of life is to become one with Ahura Mazda."(The Gathas 45-11)
"Ahura Mazda is the kind friend and savior for all." (The Gathas 43-14)

The smallest unit of the humanity society is the family and the largest unit the entire
human world. All the units-home, town, state, country, and world should be united and
bound together by love and wisdom. (Songs 4.16,18, 5.1, 6.3,4)

Every person should acquire and promote wisdom. Human society should be an
intellectual society consisting of selfless, devoted members. (Songs 3.1, 4.6,17,19,
Free human society should select only fully qualified persons with righteous records
and merits for both temporal and spiritual offices in a true democratic environment, and
thus establish the cherished and chosen ruling system (Yatha Ahu, Songs 2 &16).
The Good Religion is a "self-renovating" religion. Its continuous progress with the
advancing world makes it ever-fresh, ever-modern. Modernization of thoughts, words
and deeds, including traditional practices and rites, should be the order of the day.
(Songs 3.9, 7.15, 11.19, 15.11)

Let us point to this final fact that:
The Message of Ashu Zarathushtra is fulfillment of peace, love, hope, happiness
and optimism

FOOTNOTES: (1) The word ASHU with its plural form as ASHAVAN is applicable to
someone who has a clean conscience for good thoughts, words, and deeds, plus clean
demeanor and performance. He is conscientious for keeping his body, attire, home,
district, city, county, region, country and the world clean. He is a pragmatic
environmentalist for both the material and spiritual world.

Read it and see if you understand. You may ask questions.


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Спасибо за публикацию. Эти тезисы безусловно заслуживают осмысления - утащу их на питерский сайт, пожалуй. Идеологически это - практически готовый фундамент для глобальной концепции "устойчивого развития". В этом, пожалуй, их большая ценность и безусловная направленность в будущее.
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